pySonic Documentation

The pySonic documentation describes the public interface of the pySonic module. Classes important to the use of pySonic are described in detail. Aspects of the module that are for internal use only are not covered here. In other words, this documentation assists in the usage of pySonic, but not its development.

How to read this doc

The documentation is broken down into a number of categories. Links to the available categories are located at the top of every page. Each category may contain documentation for one or more related classes. The class documentation includes descriptions of the constructor, the methods, and the public properties of the important pySonic classes.

Method signatures in the documentation are formatted as follows.

[return_type] method_name(type1 param1[=default_value], type2 param2[=default_value], ...)

For example, a method named Foobar taking two integer parameters, one with a default value, and returning a string would have the following signature.

string Foobar(int x, int y)

Property signatures follow a similar format.

variable_type property_name (access_type)

For instance a read-only property called Baz with a type of class Zoob would have the following signature.

Zoob Baz (read)